BitTeller has been operating for 5 years, selling and buying bitcoin, hosting and selling miners as well as offering help to people and businesses looking to get into crypto currencies.

If you are in need of any help, please do not hesitate to send us an email. We will do out best to assist.


We offer any amount from $250 to $25,000

  • Why won’t we lock in a rate?
  • – Simple, BTC varies minute by minute, sometimes a hundred dollars in a few hours. If we quoted a price and the buyer took 6 hours to pay, they could get a lot more than was quoted, and us as the seller would lose money. Or if the price dropped the buyer could decide not to pay and back out.
  • How do you normally work buy orders?
  • – Too be able to offer the best rate, usually buyers will instead tell us how much money they want to spend, we will reply with a BTC Estimate. Once the funds arrive and are cleared we send as much as can be sent at the time of funds arrival. We make nothing extra, and you have zero risk of losing anything.

Sell Your BTC

By using An online store we can essentially sell you cash for bitcoin, you go through the process as if it were a normal online store transaction, pay in btc and we send you the money shortly after. Quick easy and hassle free method. Select up $2500 worth in a single sale. EMT is Canadian only and you will receive no fee on your end, paypal can be sent anywhere. But you will have a fee from paypal.


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