Two common scams with bitcoin that have been floating about.

Looking for Currency exchanger/money broker etc..

This has been going on a lot, people are being offered or applying for a job by a foreign companies. They offer to send you money, cashier cheaque (which ends up being fake) or over email money transfer, which ends up being either laundered funds or hacked bank accounts. You get send money and are told to keep a large amount,t hey ask you to prove you are good at money exchange by buying btc and sending it to them. Please understand once you’ve sent the BTC it is GONE. The bank will then come for you to refund the money and you are stuck owing money. If it seems to easy to make money, it likely is.

Ransomware/Hacked account threats.

This one is a two part. Ransomware is a malware which sneaks onto your computer, one day you will simply find your pc locked up, all files encrypted, and a notice to pay bitcoin to unlock your files. This one is real, if you do need the files the only option is to pay. Be aware that plugged in backup drives etc. may also be locked. Good operating procedure to prevent this would be offline backups of your important files. And not leaving hard drive plugged in. The encryption can not be cracked.

The other method is spam emails. They send you an email stating they know your password to Facebook, email etc. and if you do not pay their ransom they will message friends etc. This is usually 99% of the time a scam, if you can still login they don’t have access. You may wish to login from a more secure device to change your password, a phone or different computer just to be sure, but most of these are from people simply spamming and hoping someone who does not know better will send them money due to fear.

When in doubt please feel free to contact us, explain the situation and we will gladly help you figure out if you are safe or if there is real concern.


Note: I had a customer drive in 4 hours late at night to buy $5,000 worth of bitcoin to unlock a laptop with ransomware because all their business files were locked up. Be very cautious of what you download or agree to install!